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Brady Williamson was born in Jackson, Mississippi in 1976 and raised in a Christian Conservative household. He graduated from Briarcrest Christian School in the Memphis area and then went on to graduate from Ole Miss with a Bachelor’s in Accountancy. Brady is married to his lovely wife, Cory High Williamson, with whom he has two children; Watson and Lily. 

       Brady is currently a Major in the United States Army serving as Contracting Team Leader. Brady served as a Platoon Leader, XO, as well as company commander of a Combat Engineer Unit in Iraq during his time in the military as well. 

       Outside of the military, Brady has small businesses. He is the owner of Oxford Crossfit and owns rental properties as well. He stays involved in the community and is a member of the Panola Partnership and the Oxford-Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. 

       But above all, Brady is a Christian. He is an active member of the Community Church of Oxford, where he has been involved in “Fathers in the Field Ministry” - mentoring young men from fatherless homes. He has been active in his Church and has served on the staff of several Christian-led organizational missions. 

       Representative Brady Williamson has been a strong Christian Conservative in the Mississippi House. During his time in office, he has received positive recognition from Mississippi Right to Life, the American Conservative Union, and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

       Rep. Williamson is currently Vice Chair of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus. A group of legislators dedicated to limited government, low taxes, and individual liberty. He is currently running for re-election to continue the mission of advancing Conservative values in Jackson and across the state.

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